This comic is part of a “Webcomics Tag”-7 artists taggin’ comics like it’s going outta style. The premise is simple- when somebody places one of your characters in their comic, you’ve been “tagged” and have to do the same with another artist’s characters to tag them.

The person I’ve tagged is Chris Grady of Lunarbaboon. This imaginative comic is without a doubt one of the best¬† out there. Combining the trials of everyday life with off the wall humor, it can make you laugh hysterically or make you cry like a baby. The scary thing- as good as it is, it keeps improving. It’s ever-growing following is well deserved, and couldn’t happen to a better guy. You can follow Chris on Twitter @Lunarbaboon and on Facebook.

I was tagged by the extremely talented and hard rockin’¬† Stephen McGee of the comic Rain Dogs . Following the exploits of Maxwell and Ron in their beloved record shop, it not only features very funny comics, but also musical listening suggestions which are tied to that day’s comic theme. Very cool. The comic Stephen tagged me in is here.

Thanks to @thehathimself who started this madness!

It was really hard picking someone to tag. The participating comics in the Webcomic Tag are:

The Hat and Fat

Candy Trip Comic


Ninja And Pirate

Rain Dogs

Tank Monkey

Adorable Crap

Check them out!