I’ve had no formal training (surprise!) but I was always drawing when I was a kid. I especially loved MAD magazine and their movie/TV parodies and would make my own. I was also a big fan of the great Don Martin. Peanuts was the first comic strip that got me interested in drawing, and my later favorites were The Far Side, Calvin and Hobbes, and Bloom County. Basically everyone who stopped creating, though Charles Schulz had no say in the matter. Then “real life” got in the way, and I kinda got away from art. In those days to have you’re work seen you’d have to be published in print, and I just didn’t have the time to try it. Then a few years ago my son got me a copy of  Beartato and the Secret of the Mystery by Anthony Clark. I thought it was great, and asked him were he found this. He went on to explain to his ill-informed Dad that there were things called “webcomics” were artists would create strips and self-publish them on the internet. I thought, “Hey, there might be a way for me to do this!” Thus began the long,  slow process of me returning to a great lost love, art.


Right now I sketch the strip in pencil, then scan it into Manga Studio EX where I ink and color it using a Wacom Bamboo tablet. It was tricky at first looking at the monitor while inking, but I’ve gotten pretty used to it. I would still however like to upgrade to a tablet that I can see what I draw on it. It just seems like I lose some of the vibe of the drawings going from the original  to inked version. Also it would cut down on the time it takes me to put out a finished product. I’m not tech-savvy at all, so the learning process has been slow on these new-fangled contraptions. Dag-gummit!


Adorable Crap currently updates on Tuesday and Friday. I would like to add a day just for blog posts/short stories at some point in the near future, maybe Mon-Fri for comics and Wed for blog. We’ll see. Most of the strips are in color, but some are in Black & White if that’s the effect I’m going for. Or sometimes a strip just feels like it should be B & W.  A lot of the strips are singular, individual ones, but there are some recurring characters, including The Tools, Skullet, and The 1 Percenters. Concerning the site itself, as I said before I’m not tech-savvy, so like the comic it is a work in progress. Hopefully I can continue to improve it’s look and feel.


As I still work my day job, I do this in my spare time and it’s mostly just for fun. However, I would like to dedicate more time to it in the future and to keep improving. It may be Crap, but its Adorable Crap. I hope you enjoy it.